Without Evidence, Nc Candidate Blames Opponent For Parents’ House Shooting

Pat Harrigan told Fox News viewers on Friday that his Democratic opponent’s words and actions led to a shooting at his parents’ home, but he offered no proof.

During an appearance on the Fox & Friends morning show, Republican candidate for North Carolina’s 14th Congressional District Ted Harrigan claimed that his Democratic opponent, state Sen. Jeff Jackson, should “condemn the violence & repent for his lies, but he won’t.” Jackson had already spoken out against the violence before Harrigan made that post.

Without Evidence, Nc Candidate Blames Opponent For Parents' House Shooting
Without Evidence, Nc Candidate Blames Opponent For Parents’ House Shooting

After the incident occurred on Friday morning, Jackson tweeted, “It was clearly an act of violence and I condemn it in the strongest possible terms.” This was before Harrigan’s post. We don’t know who did this or why at this time. Fortunately, no one was wounded, but whomever did this has to be punished.

Authorities and Harrigan’s campaign have both failed to offer evidence that the shooting was politically motivated. But Harrigan has used the shooting to shift responsibility just four days before Election Day.

Harrigan has claimed that he will also appear on The Sean Hannity Broadcast at 9 p.m., in addition to the morning show.

Harrigan’s parents’ house takes a bullet.
According to the ad, Harrigan’s children were present when a gunshot shattered a window in his parents’ house. On October 18th, the Associated Press reported that his kids were upstairs sleeping when he opened fire on them.

The shooting was reported to police on the morning of October 19th, according to the report.

Nobody was hurt. Hickory Police Department spokesperson Kristen Hart said Thursday that no arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.

Harrigan does not own the house; rather, his parents do. It’s far away from the Harrigan home that appears in a TV ad for Jackson’s campaign.

On Friday, the Charlotte Observer reached out to the Harrigan campaign for an interview, but they did not provide a response.

When Jackson suggested earlier in the campaign that the Republican profited off the deaths of children, Harrigan said on Fox & Friends that “this all started” with that statement. The Jackson campaign has been spreading around radio quotes from an interview with Harrigan in which he claims his business benefited from the surge in gun sales after the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

From that initial assertion and “quite credible death threat,” Harrigan recounted a “cascade of consequences.”

Harrigan then pointed to a TV ad that featured one of Jackson’s Hickory residences. The first airings of that ad occurred on October 18th. Jackson’s campaign acknowledged the commercial was pulled on Thursday, citing “an abundance of caution and concern.”

Harrigan remarked on Fox & Friends, “This is politics at its worst, and the reason it’s this way is because my opponent is determined to do anything he possibly can to talk about anything other than what actually matters in this campaign.” According to the speaker, “it doesn’t matter what (Jackson) has to create, he is prepared to trade my security and the protection of my family to earn political points, and it’s terrible.”

The story follows an assault on Nancy Pelosi’s husband at their San Francisco home on October 28.

On Friday, Jackson tweeted, “My opponent has subsequently made a statement in which he terms this ‘political violence.'” Though there’s no proof, I share his worry that political discourse is frequently overheated.


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