Woman And Child Stabbed Unprovoked, Police Say

A security officer shot and killed the suspect after at least two people, including a kid, were stabbed at a Target in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

Reports of gunfire sent officers to the area at 6:20 p.m. on Tuesday, the Los Angeles Police Department said.

Woman And Child Stabbed Unprovoked, Police Say
Woman And Child Stabbed Unprovoked, Police Say

At least two victims, including a 9-year-old kid and a 25-year-old woman, had been stabbed, and a third had been shot when police arrived. The two victims of the stabbings were in unknown conditions as of early Wednesday morning.

LAPD Chief Michel Moore updated reporters in a statement broadcast on CBS News Los Angeles, saying the suspect seemed to be homeless and had used a big kitchen knife in the assault.

Moore said the suspect walked up to the boy and threatened to “stab him and murder him.”

Moore said, “He mentioned it many times.”

The boy apparently tried to get away, but the suspect stabbed him in the back “without additional provocation,” as he put it.

While others attempted to intervene, the suspect resumed their attack, stabbing the victim “brutally in the chest,” as the police chief put it.

According to Moore, the armed security guard at Target shot and killed the attacker. According to the head of police, the security guard attempted to use a baton first, but then had to shoot the suspect when he got too close with the knife.

NBC Los Angeles reports that the LAPD has confirmed that the unidentified suspect who was brought into custody has already died from their wounds.


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