Woman Arrested for Pepper Spraying Court Staff

After using pepper spray on court workers in Munhall, a woman was caught and is now facing many charges.

The Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office says that Munhall Police arrested 32-year-old Santhiya Mahilkanthan on Thursday.

She is accused of using pepper spray on people who worked in the Munhall office of Judge Patrick Campbell.

The event happened after she was asked to leave the office because she was being rude while working on a court case there.

The tweet below verifies the news:

She is being charged with multiple counts of aggravated attack, disorderly conduct, harassment, and criminal mischief, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

The Allegheny County Jail is where she was taken.

It’s not clear when she will have to go in front of a judge.

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Because pepper spray was let out in the building, Judge Campbell’s office will be closed on Friday.

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