Woman Convicted For Killing Friend And Stealing Baby

A Texas woman who was charged with killing a close friend in 2019 after she gave birth and kidnapping the child as part of a complex plan to pass the child off as her own entered a guilty plea to murder charges on Thursday, according to the prosecution.

According to a statement released by Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza, Magen Fieramusca, 37, was found guilty of killing Heidi Broussard, 33, and was given a 55-year jail term. Fieramusca ignored her appeals rights.

The conviction stems from a crime that occurred in Austin, Texas, and started with the loss of a 3-week-old newborn girl. As the investigation progressed and authorities narrowed in on Fieramusca, there was growing interest in the case. According to the police, Broussard’s body and the child were later discovered together in the trunk of Fieramusca’s automobile at a house in the Houston region.

Fieramusca kidnapped Broussard on December 12, 2019, and put her in a black duffel, according to an arrest complaint at the time. At an Austin primary school, Broussard had last been seen handing off an older child. Her death was determined to be a strangling homicide.

According to Garza, “We are confident that this resolution will help the Broussard and Carey families continue their recovery journey by providing some closure.”

According to court documents, Fieramusca and Broussard were buddies who first met at a church camp around ten years ago. The women talked about becoming pregnant together and even considered that they would give birth on the same day at one point while Fieramusca had a key to Broussard’s apartment, according to the court file.

Although he never saw any pictures of the child, Broussard’s fiance claimed to have told him on December 8 or 9 that Fieramusca had given birth to a baby girl. Fieramusca claimed to have visited the beach that day with a cousin, according to a Texas Ranger interview with her.

She was unable to give specifics of the delivery, but she eventually admitted to having given birth on that day to the same officer, according to the affidavit.

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