Woman Detained After Enrolling As A High School Student In New Jersey

The woman, whose name has been revealed by the authorities to be Hyejeong Shin, has been accused with enrolling at New Brunswick High School while utilising a forged identification paper.

Ms. Shin was a student at the school for a total of four school days until the faculty discovered her true age.

Officials from the school system have stated that the situation is being investigated by the local police department, and they have also stated that the enrollment procedure will be investigated.

The matter was brought up during a meeting of a local education board on Tuesday, where New Brunswick Public School District Superintendent Aubrey Johnson informed attendees that Ms. Shin was apprehended at the school. The incident became public knowledge as a result of this statement.

An adult female posing as a student was able to enrol at our high school last week, according to Mr. Johnson, who stated that this was made possible by the filing of certain fraudulent documents.

He went on to say that she had attended a few classes and had met with guidance counsellors, who had attempted to learn more about her at that time.

After then, Ms. Shin’s fabricated age was discovered, according to Mr. Johnson, and the school immediately alerted the authorities.

According to the New Brunswick Police Department, she was subsequently arrested for producing a counterfeit birth certificate “with the purpose to enrol as a juvenile high school student.”

According to the students, the lady had texted a few of them, inviting them to hang out with her.

One of them said to CBS New York that the other girls “never came up, and she [Ms. Shin] started acting odd with them.”

According to the police, the state legislation of New Jersey permits students to be registered in school even if they do not have a guardian or all of the appropriate documents to do so.

It is not the first occasion that an adult has been discovered to be deceiving others by pretending to be a high school kid.

In 1993, when he was 30 years old, a man named Brian MacKinnon pretended to be a fifth-year student at a high school close to Glasgow. He posed as an imposter. He presented himself as a Canadian resident and claimed to be 17 years old.

MacKinnon maintained his attendance at the institution for the full calendar year. One year later, when he was still enrolled in the medical school at Dundee University, he was outed after a newspaper article revealed his true identity.

His life served as the topic of a documentary film that was released in 2022 and garnered interest all around the world.

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