Woman From Provo Arrested After Shooting and Killing Husband

Following the shooting death of her husband, a woman from Provo was taken into custody on Saturday. She claimed she shot him in self-defense, according to her statement to the authorities. Yet, according to the investigators, the evidence pointed in a different direction.

Melissa Johnson-Fausett, 56, contacted the Provo Police Department at approximately 7:45 p.m. to report that she had shot her husband in self-defense following an attack by him. Her husband, Corry Fausett, was discovered lifeless on the hallway floor when the police arrived.

The arrest report states that Johnson-Fausett informed authorities that she was laying on her bed when her husband entered the room, seized her neck, and struck her on the top of the head. She then allegedly reached for the gun resting on the nightstand and fired shots at her husband. She claimed he bolted out of the room as she kept firing till he collapsed outside the bedroom door.

According to Johnson-Fausett, her husband had made death threats and she thought he was grabbing a pistol from another room. The couple’s home was searched by the police after they acquired a warrant. The second gun, which had blood spatter on its front, was allegedly discovered in Johnson-Fausett’s purse.

Woman From Provo Arrested After Shooting and Killing Husband

When investigators questioned her about the blood, she allegedly indicated it came from shooting rabbits in the desert from close range. The blood, however, tested positive for human blood. According to the court records, Fausett suffered four gunshot wounds to his body: two on the left side of his face, one in the back of his head, and one on the right side.

One of his face bullet wounds contained burn marks, according to the police, “indicating it was a close-range shot.” The floor beneath his body had what looked like bullet holes in it, according to them. After he hit the floor, he didn’t do anything that would have put Melissa in danger. The investigation claimed that the evidence acquired at the site contradicted Melissa’s allegations.

After bringing Johnson-Fausett to the hospital for evaluation, the doctor allegedly determined that she did not sustain any head trauma. According to the police, she “intentionally or knowingly caused the death of her husband and was no longer acting in self-defense.” The Utah County Jail has denied her request for bond as she awaits trial on a first-degree murder accusation.

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