Woman Heard ‘buzzing’ Outside The Bathroom As A Man Deployed A Drone To See Inside

A woman from Rhode Island claimed that after arriving home from work at around 11 p.m., she went to her bathroom to take a shower.

However, the Cranston Police Department claims that while she was in the restroom, she heard a “buzzing noise” outside the toilet window, which was just slightly open.

She went outside late on June 21, believing the sound might have come from her backyard pool, according to authorities.

According to a June 23 news release sent to Facebook, “Once in the backyard she noticed a drone hovering outside her bathroom window where she was getting ready to take a shower.”

“When she got close to the drone, it moved quickly to avoid her, hit a tree branch, and crashed to the ground. Before it could take flight, she hastily seized the drone and drowned it in her pool to render it useless.

The woman then made a police assistance call.

According to the press release, investigators located Christopher Jones, a convicted sex offender, two days after they first located the drone.

Jones admitted to operating the drone to police after being detained on a felony allegation of video voyeurism, according to the authorities.

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According to the police in Rhode Island, “a person is guilty of video voyeurism when that person, for the purpose of sexual arousal, gratification, or stimulation, looks into an occupied dwelling or other building by use of an imaging device that provides images of the interior of a dwelling.”

Jones was found guilty of sexual offenses, but according to the police, his registration requirement expired in 2015.

The metropolitan region of Providence includes Cranston.

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