Woman Says She Found Camera In Daughters’ Shower After Her Husband Renovated Their Bathroom

After allegedly discovering a hidden camera she believes her husband installed in their daughters’ bathroom, a mom in Nashville has been living a nightmare.

Through the TikTok platform, Chasity Brintle shared her tale and received millions of views from viewers who wanted to help her and her family.

Brintle focuses on what appears to be a lens concealed in a light fixture in the now-deleted TikTok video.

In a text box over the video, she wrote, “When you’ve been with a man for 14 years and you find out he’s been watching your 16-year-old taking showers.”

Brintle disclosed that while using her kids’ shower while they were away at school, she discovered the camera.

In another video, Brintle said, “My husband does construction, and he refurbished that bathroom two months ago. She went to get a spare bulb to replace the one that wasn’t working when she entered the shower and noticed it wasn’t turning on. She alleges that after removing the old bulb from the light fixture and using a flashlight, she found a camera.

Brintle maintained his composure at the discovery.

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“Right there, my two-year-old was standing. I didn’t want him to witness my psychosis or insanity. She explains, “I didn’t want my two-year-old to be aware of what was happening.

Instead, she took her younger child and left the house right away before calling the police. She claims that she later met with detectives at her house, but they were unable to locate any equipment that might have contained additional evidence because her husband had them with her.

She claims that after she contacted him while law enforcement was listening in, her husband, Horacio Minero-Hernandez, 39, revealed during the call that he had put the camera in the daughters’ bathroom.

If you have anything wrong in your f-king head, you simply do it without thinking, he said when asked why calling it an “error.”

Hernandez claims that because the camera was broken, he never watched a film of the young girls taking showers.

On November 18, authorities arrested him and accused him of two charges of attempting to sexually exploit a minor. Brintle claims that she and her daughters, who are aware of what happened, are both “devastated” by what transpired. She continued by saying that filing charges in situations like her husband is “tough.”

Since then, Brintle and her kids have left the house; nonetheless, they are still having financial difficulties.

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