Woman Smashed Cocktail Glass on Friend’s Head Over Tipping

A court heard that a drunk mother broke a drinking glass over her friend’s head during a fight about how much to tip a waitress at a bottomless brunch.

Lydia Bysouth and a group of her friends were enjoying her birthday at the all-you-can-drink event when Holly Shury started a fight about whether they should tip their server.

As the bill was being paid, the two started to fight about how much to tip the waitress. Shury, who didn’t want to pay the extra, yelled that it was “her f—— job.”

The group left Bournemouth, Dorset’s Revolution, and went to another bar, where the fight continued.

The court heard that Shury, a mother of two, said that Miss Bysouth had “only child syndrome” before she punched her in the head.

The group of friends moved on and told Shury to leave them alone.

But she went with them to the bar in Aruba to get more drinks.

Shury told Miss Bysouth that she was sorry for what had happened, but Miss Bysouth refused to accept her apology. Shury then lost her anger again and smashed a cocktail glass over the victim’s head.

The accused ran out of the bar, leaving Miss Bysouth with blood all over her face. She was taken care of by security staff, who took her to the hospital where a cut above her eye had to be glued shut.

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A Small Scar Was Left on the Victim’s Face

A victim impact statement was given in court. It said that even though Miss Bysouth only had a small scar, the injury had caused her “anxiety.”

Miss Bysouth said that the event had “created conflict in my group of friends. Now, there is a clear split between us. Since then, it hasn’t been the same.”

When Shury from Poole went to court in Bournemouth, she admitted that she had hurt someone without permission.

The prosecutor, Ruba Huleihel, said, “At 6 p.m., the defendant smashed a cocktail glass into the face of the complainant.”

Philomena Murphy, who was defending her client, said that her client felt “deep regret” for what she had done.

She said, “The truth is that Miss Shury doesn’t remember much about what happened that night.”

“But she does own up to the fact that she hurt her friend Lydia Bysouth.

“She has said that she feels ashamed, embarrassed, and sorry for what she did.

“She’d had a lot to drink that day,”

Judge William Mousley said that the victim would always remember what happened because of the scars.

He said, “Lydia said in her statement that your attack on her hurt her confidence, gave her anxiety, and made her more worried about working in the security industry.”

“She has a small scar, which is a good thing. It will always remind her of what you did to her.”

Shury was given a 38-week sentence that was put on hold and told to stay in for the next four months between 8 pm and 6 am.

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