Woman Speaking From Hospital Bed After Being Shot In Zumba Class

Colorado’s Jefferson County (KDVR) – A suspect in a shooting that happened in Arvada earlier this week has been named by authorities in Jefferson County.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is looking for Diego Sanchez, 37, on charges that he fired a rifle from a mobile home park and struck a woman in a Zumba fitness center.

According to Adriana Lavin, shots were fired through the front glass of the gym while she was exercising there. She ended up receiving one to the leg even though they were intended for another victim.


Gunfire Strikes A Store And A Zumba Studio

From her hospital bed, she remembered the terror of that day.

“Everyone fell to the ground in response. I grabbed a kid who was in my club in response, Lavin claimed.

When the shooting erupted Wednesday morning, Lavin was with a group at a gym near Sheridan Boulevard and 53rd Avenue. Lavin claimed that to avoid being hit, she had to fall to the ground.

Lavin remarked, “At the moment I wanted to, I couldn’t because I fell. My legs were bleeding, you know.

Sanchez, the defendant, was allegedly shooting at a car when he instead struck the retail center where Lavin was exercising, according to Jefferson County Sheriff’s investigators.

Police leaders in the Denver area react to the arrest of Tyre Nichols. “They put a tourniquet on my legs so I wouldn’t keep bleeding since I was bleeding a lot,” Lavin added.

Numerous establishments at the Berkeley Village Shopping Center have bullet holes in their walls and windows, according to investigators.

The Suspect was Seen As Dangerous And Armed

Lavin said she would carry a gloomy reminder of the tragedy with her for a time while she recovers with family at her side.

Lavin added, “The bullet fell really close to a main artery, and it can’t be pulled out without inflicting more damage. I can’t get surgery on it.”

Abraham, her brother, expressed relief that she is fine but spoke of the stressful times they had on Wednesday.

Abraham stated, “It was incredibly difficult not knowing what was happening with my sister, and I mean honestly, it’s something that I don’t desire anybody to go through.”

According to the police, Sanchez is connected to two automobiles. He is regarded as dangerous and armed. You are asked to phone the police right away if you spot him.

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