Yellowstone Season 5 Everything You Need To know

Season Five of Yellowstone is just around the corner, and fans are eager to find out what happens next. The Kevin Costner-led series, which was scheduled to premiere later this year, has suddenly been given a hefty 14-episode order. It has been rumored that Yellowstone may be moved from its customary summer slot to the fall after star Gil Birmingham stated he had not gotten scripts in an interview with E! News in April.

There has been an enormous surge in popularity for the Duttons as they prepare to begin filming their fifth season in May, and they have received several nominations for their fourth season. A return date for the show has not been announced yet, but fans can expect to see the Dutton family as they deal with a difficult governor’s race, an increasing threat from the outside world, and one particularly tense blackmail situation involving the two Dutton siblings.

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Yellowstone Season 5 Plot

As brief as this look inside the life of a ranch manager may appear on the surface, there’s a lot going on here. Dutton (Costner) and his family face numerous threats to evict them or question the borders of what is widely regarded to be America’s largest surviving ranch during this film.

Things grow a lot more complicated than John expected when he has to deal with outside politicians and his three children, Beth, Kayce, and Jamie.

Ties between the Dutton family’s younger generation are at an all-time low since Dutton is running for governor. His wife’s Native American tribe’s induction ceremony is Kayce’s way of forging his own path as a husband and father.

Yellowstone’s final season is shaping up to be an exciting one thanks to Beth’s devious manipulation of Jamie and John’s political ambitions, and we’ve got all the details you need. Giddy up, ladies and gentlemen, for it’s time to buck up.

Yellowstone Season 5 Cast

  • Kevin Costner as John Dutton: Kevin Michael Costner is an American actor, producer, and film director. He has received two Academy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, a Primetime Emmy Award, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards. Costner starred in Fandango, American Flyers, Silverado and many other films.
  • Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton: Jessica Kelly Siobhán Reilly is an English actress. She was nominated for a Laurence Olivier Award for her performance in After Miss Julie at the Donmar Warehouse. Her film and TV credits include Eden Lake, Sherlock Holmes, and Yellowstone.
  • Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton: Luke Timothy Grimes is an American actor. He is best known for his roles in the acclaimed film American Sniper, the Fifty Shades film series, and the drama series Yellowstone.
  • Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton.
  • Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler.
  • Kelsey Asbille as Monica Long Dutton.
  • Brecken Merrill as Tate Dutton.
  • Gil Birmingham as Chief Thomas Rainwater.

Yellowstone Season 5 Spoiler

Beth was the main focus of the season 4 finale. With her affairs in order, Beth asks Walker how she might smuggle a weapon into the prison without anybody noticing her absence. Beth is going to the prison to meet Terrell Riggins, but at first, it’s unclear if she’ll be seeing Summer or someone else.

In the season 3 finale, Riggins was partially responsible for the assassination attempts on Beth, John, and Kayce’s lives, but only in his capacity as a hired gun. Beth intends to kill him when she visits him. Riggins’ confirmation of his visit has convinced her that Jamie is responsible for the attacks.

A priest is kidnapped as she makes her way back to the ranch so she can marry Rip. As a result of this, she confronts Jamie about his role in the attempted assassination of the Duttons. The three alternatives Beth provides Jamie when he informs her that he wasn’t involved, but subsequently learns that it was his biological father Garrett.

Although Jamie makes the wrong decision by killing Garrett to protect himself, things go much worse when he gets caught red-handed by Beth at the Train Station while attempting to dispose of Garrett’s cold and lifeless body.

It isn’t clear if Kayce sees the end of him and Monica or the Duttons, but he does see the end of something. As a result of Summer’s lengthy sentence, Caroline swears to wrest control of the Dutton property and all of its valuables from Beth.

Season 4’s ending wasn’t as dramatic as the season 3’s or season 4’s premiere, but we believe the seeds have been set for a wild ride in season 5.


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Yellowstone Season 5 Release Date

Although season 4 was delayed due to the pandemic and limits placed on production across the country, that doesn’t mean we’ll have to wait a whole year for more Yellowstone! In mid-February, Paramount Network revealed that season 5 will be split into two parts! Filming for the fifth and final season isn’t scheduled to begin until May, so we’ll have to wait longer for the show’s return.

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Yellowstone Season 5 Trailer

According to current information, no official date has been set for the show’s premiere. Season 5 will, on the other hand, be released around the 2nd half of the year 2022.

There is the Yellowstone Season 4 Trailer:

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