York Deputy Shoots Suspect After Suspect Smashes Officer’s Car, Sheriff Says

On Tuesday afternoon in Rock Hill, a guy in a car believed to have been stolen rammed a York County deputy’s car following a brief police pursuit, prompting the deputy to open fire, according to York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson.

Tolson said in a Facebook live video and a statement at an on-the-spot press conference that the deputy fired three shots at the suspect after a brief car chase ended in a CVS parking lot.

Located in Rock Hill, South Carolina, close to the Winthrop University campus, the shooting occurred in a parking lot on the corner of Cherry Road and Charlotte Avenue.

Tolson said the man was taken to the hospital, but neither his identification nor his condition had been disclosed.

Tolson claims on the sheriff’s office video that the suspect was armed with a car and rammed the deputy’s cruiser while the cop stood outside the open door. According to Tolson, the deputy was positioned between the car’s door and its main body.

Tolson stated, “It wasn’t the officer’s decision to shoot this man, it was his decision.” They had a car as a weapon, they said.

The incident began with a complaint of a stolen vehicle in the Fort Mill area.

Tolson stated in the statement that deputies were contacted about a stolen vehicle in the Baxter Village neighbourhood close to Fort Mill on Tuesday afternoon.

The sheriff’s deputies attempted to halt the car. Tolson stated that after the car refused to pull over, deputies gave chase down U.S. 21 and then Cherry Road to the south.

Deputy cruisers were rammed by the fleeing vehicle, according to Tolson. Tolson claims that no sheriff’s office personnel were wounded in the incident.

According to Tolson, his office informed the State Law Enforcement Division to conduct their own investigation into the shooting.

Renee Wunderlich, a representative for the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, confirmed in a statement to The Herald that SLED agents responded to a shooting involving police officers.

Social media updates from the sheriff’s department

Sheriff’s deputies took to social media shortly after the pursuit and shooting to report an incident.

Sheriff updates on social media sites reported that one person was hurt and hospitalized. Currently, the inquiry is still in its infancy, but the scene is highly bustling.

When first reported, the sheriff’s office didn’t say how the victim had been hurt.
Rock Hill police had placed crime scene tape around the CVS parking lot at the intersection of Cherry Road and Charlotte Avenue.

Heavy police action on Cherry Rd. Rock Hill after a pursuit of a stolen automobile by our Deputies,” said the initial social media post from law enforcement. There was gunfire. The Sheriff’s Office said, “There were no injuries reported among the Deputies.”

According to Charles Yearta, chief of the Winthrop Police Department, a notice was sent out to the campus community informing them of the event.