Youtuber Trevor Daniel Jacob Faces Potential 20-Year Prison Sentence for Plane Crash Stunt Aimed at Gaining Views

Once Jacob landed safely on the ground after parachuting, he walked to the plane wreck. The cameras that had been put on the plane caught the whole crash, which was then put into his YouTube movie.

In the video, Jacob is also seen hiking. He says that he is “just so happy to be alive” and drinks from a nearby stream because he is “so thirsty.” With the help of his selfie stick, Jacob was also able to take a picture of this. When it gets dark, Jacob can see car headlights off in the distance. Jacob was then “saved” by farmers who lived close by.

On November 26, 2021, Jacob told the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) about the crash, and the government body started looking into it. But that’s when Jacob’s plan to crash a plane to get attention on the internet starts to really fall apart.

“In the weeks after the plane crash, Jacob told authorities he didn’t know where the wreckage was, which is a lie, according to the plea deal. In fact, Jacob and a friend went to the wreckage site on December 10, 2021, in a helicopter.

There, Jacob used straps to hold the wreckage together. The helicopter lifted it and took it to Rancho Sisquoc in Santa Barbara County, where it was loaded onto a trailer attached to Jacob’s pickup truck, federal prosecutors said in a news release.

Jacob then took the plane wreckage to the Lompoc City Airport and put it in a shed, so the story goes. Jacob took a few days to cut up the plane wreckage and put the pieces in trash cans around the airport. Why? Jacob did this to make it hard for government investigators to figure out what caused the crash.

It looks like the YouTuber was trying to make money off of the video by pushing a wallet:

YouTube video

“Jacob also admitted that he lied to federal agents when he filed an aircraft accident incident report that said the plane lost all power about 35 minutes after takeoff, which was not true.

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Federal prosecutors say Jacob also lied to an FAA flight safety inspector when he said the plane’s engine had died and he had parachuted out of the plane because he couldn’t find a safe place to land.

Jacob’s pilot’s license was taken away by the FAA in 2022, and it’s not clear when he will be sentenced.

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