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Zac Efron Dating History: From Vanessa Valladares To Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Valladares

Vanessa Valladares

Starring in High School Musical catapulted Zac Efron to fame around the world and won him countless fans’ affection. Let’s explore Zac Efron’s Dating History From Vanessa Hudgens to Vanessa Valladares.

The actor was publicly linked to his HSM co-star Vanessa Hudgens from 2005 until their split in 2010, but since then, he has kept his dating life a bit more under wraps.

The Hairspray star may have had a hard time finding love despite his success in the industry.

After telling The Sunday Times in 2016 that “dating is something I’ll never be able to do,” he eventually committed to staying single. “Dating in the traditional sense, because I have changed that person’s life in some manner, and they will understand it shortly. Long-term dating is necessary to remove any preconceived notions about me.”

But despite all the difficulties he was having in the dating scene, he still wasn’t willing to resort to using an app. He continued the joke by saying, “Surprisingly, once I joined Tinder, no one swiped left on me. They suspected it was a hoax… We can rule out that possibility.”

See who Zac Efron has dated in the past, from coworkers to Olympic swimmers.

Vanessa Valladares

As the COVID-19 pandemic swept Australia, the actor went there in search of love. He met model Vanessa Valladares in June of 2020 while she was working at the Byron Bay General Store & Café in Australia.

They were at first thought to be merely friends, but their relationship rapidly blossomed into something more serious.

Source: People

“A few weeks into the summer, Zac ran into Ness. It all started in July when they went on a ski trip together, “Someone in September 2020 said. “One can see that they are enjoying themselves. She seems to live here quite frequently.”

Before calling it split in April 2021, the pair were frequently sighted working out together and even celebrated Efron’s birthday in October. “Zac and Vanessa recently broke up,” the source said. Ultimately, “it just didn’t feel right to him anymore.”

Despite the failed romance, Efron was determined to remain in Oz.

“Zac’s decision to remain in Australia stands. He has an inexplicable passion for Australia, “the source mentioned. “He has a number of projects coming up, so he is working and busy. At this point in his life, he is completely content.”

Sarah Bro

The 17 Again actor was photographed in Las Vegas, Nevada, in March 2019, watching a UFC fight next to Danish Olympic swimmer Sarah Bro.

According to E! News at the time, the pair “appeared like they were having a fantastic time” despite not being “overly outwardly affectionate.”

Alexandra Daddario

After playing romantic interests on the beach in Baywatch, Efron, and Alexandra Daddario extended their relationship to more urban settings in 2017.

A source close to the situation said in March 2018 that the two had seen each other “on and off since their time working together on the movie last year” but that they were not dating. They were seen in the same Los Angeles pet store that month with their canine companions.

Efron wasn’t bashful on social media even though he was “not formally dating.” The actor responded to a photo Daddario uploaded of herself and her dog gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes by writing, “Two sexy bitches.”

Daddario said of her co-star in in May 2018: “We’re very good friends.” Zac and I had collaborated before and developed a close friendship in the process.

Sami Miró

The relationship between Efron and model Sami Miró lasted nearly two years, from September 2014 until April 2016.

Miró revealed in May 2015 that she and her lover had stayed under the radar because of the internet’s fascination with them.

I’ve never really talked about us publicly before, but um, it’s different,” she told Elle. “Even if I believe it to be significant, I could post more images on [Instagram] of my relationship with someone who isn’t in the spotlight. I mean, it’s what’s happening in my life, and I believe my social media can still reflect that.”

But in September 2015, to celebrate their first anniversary, the couple shared sweet messages to each other online. They didn’t do anything very exciting that day.

The model revealed to E!, “We kept it extremely chill, like lots and loads of just hanging around, keeping it mellow.”

Maria Michelle Rodriguez

In the summer of 2014, Efron dated Fast and the Furious actress Michelle Rodriguez. On June 12th, during the premiere of The Rover, they were seen holding hands for the first time. A bit later in the month, Efron and Rodriguez were spotted once again in Italy, where they seemed to be having a great time with their pals.

However, it became obvious that they were more than just pals after they were caught engaging in PDA aboard Justin Bieber’s yacht in Ibiza.

A source told, “They seemed really close and comfortable together.”

Halston Sage

Like most of Efron’s prior girlfriends, Halston Sage was once one of his co-stars.

Within the same calendar month, the two were seen smiling and cheering together courtside at a Los Angeles Lakers game.

It was stated that the two tried again in late 2019 despite their brief romance earlier in the year.

Lily Collins

Years before they starred together in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile in 2019, Zac Efron and Lily Collins were linked.

For Efron’s friend’s birthday in Los Angeles in February 2012, the pair was observed arriving at a restaurant together. A witness claimed, “They walked in holding hands.” After toasting the birthday boy or girl at the bar, the pair gathered their friends and family out on the terrace for a celebratory meal.

Later that week, on Valentine’s Day, they were spotted exiting Soho House in West Hollywood, California.

Before meeting for the Ted Bundy biopic years later, the last time Efron and Collins were seen together was in October 2013. They were then seen holding hands at Disneyland.

Vanessa Hudgens

From the moment they first met, Efron and Hudgens had chemistry. The two would-be-lovers first crossed paths in 2005 at an audition for High School Musical. They dated during the filming of the first film in the Disney Channel Original Movie series thanks to their chemistry in the starring characters of Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez.

They kept their romance low-key in the beginning. When Hudgens cast Zac Efron in the role of her love interest for her “Say Ok” music video in March 2007, she effectively confirmed their relationship and began a solo music career outside of HSM.

After dating for a while, admirers started speculating that the silver bands on their right index fingers were actually promised rings when they started wearing them in public. It’s merely a ring I got from a friend,” Efron emphasized. A female buddy, but I can’t tell who since that would spark panic in online message boards and adolescent magazines if I did.

August 2010 marked the couple’s last joint appearance in public. Efron and Hudgens’ breakup was announced in December of that year. A source told, “They are still very close friends.”

In March 2011, Hudgens discussed the breakup and the beneficial effects it had on her life. In an interview with Shape, the “Sneakernight” singer reflected on their shared upbringing. “Sharing those moments with someone made them that much more meaningful. That worked out well. That person knew me so well that I didn’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not, and that helped keep me rooted in reality.”

The couple, both working on separate sets at the time, eventually decided to end their relationship due to the difficulties of long-distance dating. “Long-distance relationships are difficult no matter what,” she remarked.

“When you can’t talk to someone in person, things are certain to be different. Although having access to an iPhone was helpful, it still wasn’t the same.” Hudgens dated fellow Disney star Austin Butler from 2011 until 2020, after her breakup with Efron.

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