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Zip Ties, Duct Tape Used In Pelosi House Invasion: Sources

Zip Ties, Duct Tape Used In Pelosi House Invasion: Sources

Zip Ties, Duct Tape Used In Pelosi House Invasion: Sources

On Sunday, two law enforcement sources informed ABC News that the suspect in the home invasion of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco mansion and the hammer assault on her 82-year-old husband was carrying a suitcase containing duct tape and zip ties.

According to the sources, after obtaining the requisite search warrants to open the bag that suspect David Depape had with him at the time of the assault, investigators found the contents.

Zip Ties, Duct Tape Used In Pelosi House Invasion: Sources

In particular, the zip ties matched those that investigators say many insurgents on January 6 at the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington were carrying as they looked for leaders, including Pelosi, to take hostage.

The investigation is still continuing, but San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins declined to speak to ABC News about the evidence that has been gathered thus far.

A guy has been suspected of breaking into Pelosi’s house, and federal and local authorities are now investigating his whereabouts and history. According to ABC News’s sources, further search warrants are being requested and/or carried out.

On Friday at 2:27 a.m. local time, police went to a priority well-being check and arrested 42-year-old Depape for allegedly beating Paul Pelosi with a hammer.

More: Police chief: Attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband was not random Sources say that while federal charges are not immediately expected, they remain a real possibility given the early evidence suggesting the suspect appeared to be motivated to allegedly break into the home, at least in part, to reach the speaker.

Authorities are looking into the suspect’s social media postings, which they are becoming more convinced are his, since they are regarded as being very anti-government.

San Francisco Police Chief William Scott stated on Friday that they have determined the incident was not random.

At some point on Friday morning, the burglar is said to have broken in via a sliding glass door.

After entering, the suspect “moves about and eventually begins inquiring where the speaker is.”

Then, a showdown with Paul Pelosi ensues. How long this went on for until the cops were called is unknown.

Police stated that when they arrived at the house on Friday, both Paul Pelosi and Depape had one hand on a hammer.

As Scott explained to reporters at a news conference on Friday night, “Mr. Depape pulled the hammer away from Mr. Pelosi and brutally struck him with the hammer” after being directed by officers to put down the weapon.

According to ABC News’s sources, Paul Pelosi was attacked twice. Whether or whether one of the blows occurred before police arrived is unknown.

Police said that after tackling the man, they were able to take his weapon away from him.

A representative for Paul Pelosi said that the operation to fix his skull fracture and “severe injuries” to his right arm and hands that he had on Friday went well after he was “violently attacked” by the suspect. ABC News reports that two people with knowledge of the situation have described his injuries as “severe.”

Paul Pelosi “seems to be doing a lot better,” according to President Joe Biden, who reportedly called to the speaker and her husband earlier on Saturday.

Apparently, “he’s going to recover totally,” Biden said to the press.

He said that the person who was speaking was apparently the target.

“Perhaps this was meant for Nancy, but I can’t be sure. Asked again, “Where is Nancy? Where is Nancy?” Vice President Joe Biden made this statement.


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