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What is Depeche Mode Cause of Death? The Rock Stars Never Die

Depeche Mode Cause of Death

Depeche Mode Cause of Death

True rock stars never pass away. Their music ensures that their legacy will live on. Despite this, rock and roll had a difficult month in May of 2022.

It was revealed on Thursday, May 26, that Alan White, the drummer for the band Yes, passed away at 72. It was also announced that the legendary electronic band Depeche Mode had lost a founding member on the same day.

Andy Fletcher, a keyboardist with Depeche Mode who was born in Nottingham, England, influenced many musicians with his work. Andy, who had an impressively lengthy career in show business, reportedly passed away at 60. How did he pass away, exactly?

Depeche Mode Cause of Death

Someone close to the band reportedly told AP News that Andy “died Thursday from natural causes at home.” After breaking his wrist in April, the public assumed the musician was otherwise healthy.

Keyboardist Vince Clarke and his bandmates Martin Gore and Dave Gahan became popular in the late 1970s. Many musicians, such as Marilyn Manson and Sammy Hagar of Van Halen, owe a debt of gratitude to their music.

Andy claims that Depeche Mode achieved its level of popularity by remaining “outside the mainstream.” In 2017, he stated to The Skinny, “We think our music is quite melodic – it’s not just a noise.”

“We’ve never really gone for the tabloid press, and that’s another Mute thing,” Andy explained. “We’ve always tried to avoid the tabloids.”

The band’s usage of electronic synthesizers helped make them renowned, and Rolling Stone later called them the “fathers of heavy metal.”

“The big cult of celebrity — we’re musicians in one of the top bands in the world, but we’re not celebrities — that’s the important thing. We lead totally normal lives. I go to the pub, I go to the cinema, and I don’t get any hassle,” the rockstar added.

Depeche Mode Keyboardist Andy Fletcher Dies Unexpectedly at 60

The news of Andy’s passing was shared on the band’s official social media platforms. It read, “We are shocked and filled with overwhelming sadness with the untimely passing of our dear friend, family member, and bandmate Andy ‘Fletch’ Fletcher.”

“Fletch had a true heart of gold and was always there when you needed support, a lively conversation, a good laugh, or a cold pint,” their statement continued. “Our hearts are with his family, and we ask that you keep them in your thoughts and respect their privacy in this difficult time.”

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