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FBI Shot Minneapolis Man Livestreaming Standoff

Man shot by FBI in Minneapolis was livestreaming standoff

Man shot by FBI in Minneapolis was livestreaming standoff

An FBI agent shot and killed an armed man in Minneapolis on Thursday morning. The man was live streaming his last moments.

A search warrant for the standoff that was released Thursday also talks about the shooting. After the shooting that killed someone, a search warrant was granted so that police could look through the home on Dupont Avenue near Dowling Avenue in the Folwell neighborhood of Minneapolis.

What Happened This Morning?

The FBI office in Minneapolis said Thursday morning that SWAT members and federal agents were serving an arrest warrant in the 3700 block of Dupont Avenue North. Chue Feng Yang, who was the subject of the order, locked himself in the house.

The tweet below confirms the news:

Yang aired the standoff on social media, said Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O’Hara and Hennepin County Sheriff Dawanna Witt at a press conference. The standoff lasted for several hours.

Yang supposedly came out of the house around noon armed. Yang was shot by a government agent. He was taken to the hospital, where he died from his wounds.

Why Did They Want Yang?

Yang was being looked for because he was wanted for carjacking. The search warrant says that the arrest order is related to an incident that happened in Little Canada in January. At that time, a group of people in a stolen car threw a puppy out the window as they ran away from the police.

The police stopped the chase with a PIT maneuver while Yang ran away from the passenger seat, the warrant says. The stolen truck, officials say, had his cell phone in it.

The search order says that Yang had other warrants from Ramsey and Hennepin counties that had nothing to do with this case. FOX 9 reported last year that Yang had been charged with animal abuse in a different case.

Livestream shows the last moments of the FBI killing in Minneapolis
Chue Feng Yang was live-streaming the fight on Facebook while it was going on.

Yang’s Last Moments Were Shown on the Facebook Live Stream

Agents say that Yang was live-streaming the fight on Facebook while it was going on.

Videos show Yang holding a shotgun with the barrel cut off, talking with negotiators, and arguing with his girlfriend about what to do next, all the way up to his death. Yang’s girlfriend sometimes tries to get him to give up without fighting, but Yang always says no.

According to the request, Yang told the FBI that he had a bomb and that he hoped FBI agents would bring “body bangs.” Yang also planned for the bombs to go off if officers came into the house.

Yang finally left the house with the shotgun while tied to his partner with what looked like a bedsheet. His girlfriend also looks like she has a gun, which she drops as they leave the house. After that, gunshots can be heard on the video.

The search order says that the FBI agents decided Yang was a threat to his girlfriend because the shotgun was pointed at her head and “lethal force was necessary to protect and preserve [her] life.”

Yang was taken to North Memorial Hospital, where his death was confirmed. His girlfriend was taken care of at the scene for what might have been an overdose of fentanyl.

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