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First Victim of the Texas Outlet Mall Shooting That Killed Eight Identified

First Victim of the Texas Outlet Mall Shooting

First Victim of the Texas Outlet Mall Shooting

One of the eight people who died and seven people who were hurt in the mass shooting at the Allen Premium Outlets mall in Texas has been named.

On Saturday, there was a shooting outside of a busy shopping mall near Dallas. The suspect, who was later found to be 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia, was killed by police the next day.

Jonathan Boyd, the fire chief in Allen, said that three of the people who were hurt were in serious condition and four were in good shape. At Allen Premium Outlets, shots were fired around 3:30 p.m. local time on Saturday.

Christian LaCour, who worked as a security guard at the mall, was one of the people killed in the shooting. His family was able to find out who he was. LaCour was 20 years old and had grown up in the Farmersville area, which was close by.

He is the first of the eight dead people to be named. Witnesses said that some of the other victims were young children, but their names have not been released yet.

The tweet below confirms the news of the shooting:

On Saturday, LaCour’s grandma wrote on social media that his family couldn’t find him.

In another post, she said, “He had such a beautiful soul.” “I was so proud of him and glad I got to see him 2 weeks ago.”

LaCour’s family said that they are still coming to terms with his death and that it breaks their hearts to tell other people about it.

Police haven’t said what might have caused the killing. Law enforcement sources told The Washington Post that a patch on the suspect’s chest showed that he might have been a white nationalist.

The Post said that he had an AR-15 rifle and a pistol on him and in his car, among other weapons.

The FBI is also asking anyone with video, audio, or photos of the killing on Saturday to share them with them.

The bureau has set up a way for people to send in proof without giving their names.

CNN was told that the FBI “was present at two locations in Dallas” and is helping state and local police by “dedicating all available resources,” such as investigative, intelligence, digital forensics, and victim services staff.

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Steven Spainhouer wasn’t at the mall when the shooting happened, but he rushed there when his son, who worked at an H&M store in the outlet, called him.

Mr. Spainhouer said that he saw several children among the dead while he was desperately trying to give CPR to several victims. At least three of the people he tried to help died right where they were hurt.

“I never thought that in a hundred years, I would be the first person on the scene to help people,” Mr. Spainhouer told CBS News.

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