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Stroke is Becoming Increasingly Common Among Young Adults, According to Recent Studies!

Reports Reveal the Risk for Strokes is on the Rise in Young Adults (1)

Reports Reveal the Risk for Strokes is on the Rise in Young Adults (1)

During National Stroke Awareness Month in May, clinicians also seek explanations for why strokes are occurring in younger patients. More persons under 50 have strokes, according to the American Stroke Association. A Houston physician claims he is unsure of the precise cause of the problem but believes our changing lifestyles may hold the key.

Daniel Gainer suffered a stroke at the age of only 29.”This was my first real health problem, and out of nowhere it just happened” said Daniel Gainer. His wife claims that it happened suddenly. “It started Friday night after Thanksgiving, with him complaining of a really bad headache,” Denisha Brown-Gainer said.

The stroke that caused the headache also caused a brain hemorrhage. After many attempts by HCA Houston Healthcare to save Daniel Ganier’s life, his major organs started to fail. “When Dr. El-Ghanem came, he said the odds were not very good. Even if they could fix it and stop the bleeding, there was not a guarantee that he would survive,” Brown-Gainer said.

Reports Reveal the Risk for Strokes is on the Rise in Young Adults (2)

Daniel Ganier saw a physician at HCA Houston Healthcare named Mohammed El-Ghanem. “Mrs. Gainer, I went to her twice, and I was like ‘I don’t think he’s going to survive'” Dr. El-Ghanem said. However, medical professionals were able to stop the bleeding and arrest the organ failure. 29 is too young for a stroke, according to his doctor.

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According to the American Stroke Association, stroke rates among Americans aged 49 and under have been rising for the past 30 years. According to Tracie Morden from the American Heart and Stroke Association, 15% of strokes in persons 50 or younger occur.

Younger individuals are advised by doctors to be aware of the symptoms of a stroke, which include face drooping, arm weakness, difficulty speaking, and the need to dial 9-1-1. Although Dr. El-Ghanem acknowledges that researchers are still seeking solutions, he believes he knows why this might be taking place.

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I think the unhealthy lifestyle we’re leading is more to blame. Dr. El-Ghanem: “People eat a lot of fast food and bad cuisine, and they rarely exercise because of their hectic schedules at work.” “Researchers have studied the obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cholesterol of younger people now, and the prevalence is going up” Morden said.

The pandemic’s lack of healthcare and regular doctor visits, according to Dr. El-Ghanem, may also be to blame for the increased frequency of strokes among younger people.

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