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Teen Boy Used Slingshot to Save Sister From Kidnapping

Teen Boy Used Slingshot to Save Sister From Kidnapping

Teen Boy Used Slingshot to Save Sister From Kidnapping

A 14-year-old boy in Michigan used his gun to stop a man from taking his younger sister. Michigan State Police said in a news release that on May 10, an 8-year-old girl was looking for mushrooms in her garden when a man came out of the woods and held the girl’s mouth shut.

The girl, who hasn’t been named, fought with the man until she was able to get away. Her brother, who hasn’t been named either, shot the suspect in the head and chest with a slingshot.

What the officer shot at the subject was not said by the police.

A family member said that he saw a guy who looked like the suspect running away. State troopers looked for the suspect until they found him hiding.

He was a 17-year-old boy, and his head and chest wounds looked like they were caused by a gun. As an adult, he has been charged with one count each of attempted kidnapping/enticing a child, attempted assault with the intent to do great physical harm less than murder, and assault and battery.

The tweet below verifies the news:

His bail was set at $150,000, and he will have to go to court on May 17.

A Michigan State Police representative told CBS Philadelphia that the suspect got onto the family’s land in Alpena Township through the woods. He then grabbed the girl from behind and tried to pull her into the woods.

“You wouldn’t think if you were playing in your own backyard or on your own property that you have to be concerned about something like this, but it just goes to show that there is evil out there,” 

A spokesman said that the girl’s brother was “really the one” to save her. “For a 14-year-old to see that and pop into action that quickly is extraordinary and he should be commended for it.” 

“What he did also helped us identify who the suspect was because obviously [the suspect] had injuries from being hit with the slingshot and those were things that helped us evidentiary-wise identify who it was,”  the spokesman said.

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