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The Remains Of A Georgia Woman Have Been Identified As The Serial K!ller’s Victim In 1977

The Remains Of A Georgia Woman Have Been Identified As The Serial K!ller's Victim In 1977

The Remains Of A Georgia Woman Have Been Identified As The Serial K!ller's Victim In 1977

Authorities announced Thursday that the remains of a Georgia woman k!lled 46 years ago have been identified and confirmed as victims of Samuel Little, perhaps the most prolific serial murderer in American history.

According to a press statement from the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office and the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, Yvonne Pless was about 20 years old when Little k!lled her in 1977. She was referred to as “Macon Jane Doe” by the local newspaper, The Telegraph.

You can see the pic of the woman in the below tweet.

Little, who passed away in December 2020, admitted to k!lling two Macon women in 2018, which prompted Georgia investigators to fly to Texas to speak with him in 2019. They were able to verify that his confessions lined up with the unresolved cold case in Macon. They were able to reach the last surviving family member of Fredonia Smith, the other woman who per*shed in 1982.

However, Pless’ family remained unknown because her remains hadn’t been identified. Investigators last year employed forensic genetic genealogy to locate Pless’ remains, and after finding a relative, they were able to make contact with her remaining family in Macon.

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Little has admitted to k!lling 93 individuals between 1970 and 2005 by the time he passed away at the age of almost 80. Florida and Southern California were the locations of the majority of the k!llings. Eight of his victims, according to Georgian authorities, were Georgians, and the bones of a Tennessee lady were also discovered there.

Little, who spent decades in and out of jail for theft, violence, dr*g use, and other offenses, long denied ever k!lling anyone.

The information didn’t start to surface until he was questioned by Texas Ranger James Holland in 2018 regarding a m*rder that it later emerged he was not responsible for. He provided information from dozens of k!llings over the course of nearly 700 hours of questioning, which only a m*rderer would know.

He claimed that on New Year’s Eve in 1970 in Miami, he began k!lling.

It was similar to dr*gs, he said to Holland. I started to enjoy it.

He said that he last visited Tupelo, Mississippi, in 2005. Among other states, he also m*rdered people in Tennessee, Texas, Ohio, Kentucky, Nevada, and Arkansas.

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