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Tragic Death of 13-Year-Old After Bullet Explosion in the Face

Tragic Death of 13-Year-Old After Bullet Explosion in the Face

Tragic Death of 13-Year-Old After Bullet Explosion in the Face

On May 5, the accident happened while Arthur Moreira, 13, was at home with his father. Arthur was taken to the hospital in a critical condition.

A bullet that authorities claim exploded in a teenage boy’s face has killed him as a result of the injuries it caused.

Jose Henrique Goncalves, the youngster’s distraught father, told the local media that the boy had a broken foot and needed to be picked up from school. He heard one shot while at home and then witnessed his son fall to the ground wounded.

“I picked him up from school, he went to his room to change his clothes and came back bleeding from his room,” Mr Goncalves, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, said. “He was the pride of his father, mother, and siblings. He idolised his siblings and was a boy who always gave his best.”

Boy Used Lighter to Heat Up Bullet

Although it is unknown how the youngster got to acquire the bullet, police think he may have heated it up using a lighter. They think the bullet then detonated, striking the boy in the neck.

After discovering a lighter, a cartridge case, and a burned piece of paper in the teen’s bedroom, the detectives came to their findings.

The youngster was rushed to the hospital after the event still alive but in serious condition. After experiencing a cardiorespiratory arrest, he ultimately passed away.

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‘He Was a Good Boy,’ Says Devastated Mum

Aline Goncalves, his distraught mother, told the local media that her son “was a good boy, intelligent and talkative.” Regarding her son’s passing, she stated, “It’s unbelievable.

She said, “He was dedicated in whatever he did. “He wanted to be the greatest at everything. If he had to surf, he surfed well. If he had to swim breaststroke, he did it.

One of Arthur’s friends wrote online: “May God comfort his family, the Rio skate community is in mourning.”

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