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Upstate NY Guy Kills Sister and Two Youngsters

Upstate NY Guy Kills Sister and Two Youngsters After Crashing Into Automobile

Police in upstate New York say a man “abruptly” crossed into oncoming traffic and crashed into a car carrying his own sister, killing her. According to state authorities, Dahlia Klink, 24, and two youngsters were killed when the 2005 Ford Focus they were traveling in collided head-on with the 2006 Dodge Ram driven by her brother, 21-year-old Evan Klink.

Molly Kibler, age 6, and Havanah Lopez, age 17, were found dead on Freedom Road in the hamlet of Freedom on Saturday afternoon and later declared dead at the scene. Sadly, Dahlia Klink passed away from her wounds on Sunday at Erie County Medical Center.

The incident also seriously injured a 4-year-old Ford passenger who was taken to the hospital. Meanwhile, state police reported that driver Evan Klink was taken to a hospital after suffering injuries and then transported to the Warsaw office of state police.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Cameron Klink, 19, a passenger in the Dodge, sustained life-threatening injuries and was airlifted to a nearby hospital. A state police spokesperson told The Post on Monday that detectives are still trying to piece together what happened, but that witnesses told them a Dodge pick-up truck “abruptly” veered into oncoming traffic.

It is unclear whether or not the driver did this on purpose. As the state police’s collision reconstruction team examines physical evidence from Evan Klink’s vehicle, the speed he was driving is also being looked into, the spokeswoman added.

A representative for the state police said that they are coordinating with the district attorney’s office in Cattaraugus County to get a subpoena for the driver’s blood from the hospital where he sought treatment.

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There is now no word from authorities as to whether or not any of the passengers in either car were linked to the drivers. Less than 3,000 people live in this village, so the terrible crash has left everyone in shock and mourning.

That smacked me in the face when I found out they were siblings. Sue Fish, a resident of Freedom, expressed shock to local radio station WKBW. “How’s the driver of the truck going to live with himself now and the rest of the family?”

According to reports, the posted speed limit on the section of road where the accident occurred was 55 mph. In order to help cover burial expenses, three online campaigns have been set up in honor of Kibler, Lopez, and Dahlia Klink, who was described as a “amazing mother to her 2 beautiful daughters” on a GoFundMe page set up in her honor.

Cattaraugus County is home to the small town where the crash occurred; it is around 50 miles from Buffalo.

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