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Who Is Tanner Buchanan Dating? Is Tanner Dating Mary Mouser Or Lizze Broadway?

Who Is Tanner Buchanan Dating

Who Is Tanner Buchanan Dating

Want to know Who Is Tanner Buchanan Dating? this article is for you. People who star with Cobra Kai Fans are speculating if Tanner Buchanan and Mary Mouser are dating after they posted a series of intimate photos together on Instagram.

Starring Robby Keene and Samantha LaRusso, the couple play on-screen lovers in the martial arts comedic drama available on Netflix.

Tanner shared some Disneyland Paris trip images with Mary on Wednesday, December 7th. He’s giving her a piggyback in one, and they’re hugging in the other.

Fans immediately began questioning if they were dating in the comments. Are you dating?!” asked one, while “wait, y’all together?!” was written by another.

Who Is Tanner Buchanan Dating? Is He Dating Mary Mouser?

The two are not dating; rather, they are very close friends. They are best friends and spend a lot of time together.

Actress Lizze Broadway is rumored to be Tanner’s girlfriend; the two have reportedly been together since they were young adults.

According to Seventeen, the 23-year-old actress originally hails from Toledo, Ohio but recently relocated to Los Angeles.

Her acting credits include roles in The Rookie (2022) and The Inhabitant (2022). In addition to that, she will soon be seen in Amazon’s Gen V, a spin-off of The Boys.

There have been no rumors of a split between the two, and their relationship seems to be going strong.

It’s unclear if Mary and her boyfriend of a while, actor Brett Pierce (who appeared with Mary in Stuck In The Middle), are still together or not.

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Who Is Lizze Broadway?

On February 16, Lizze ushered in her Taylor Swift year.


She’s ten months older than Tanner, who was born on December 8th.

Lizze Broadway Hails From The Buckeye State’s Toledo

Lizze was born and reared in Toledo, Ohio, but she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the film and television industry. Both Tanner and I grew up in Ohio, and we were childhood friends. An ideal hometown-meets-Hollywood relationship would be perfect.

Tanner discussed his long-term relationship with Lizze in an appearance on Anna Faris’ Unqualified podcast. Tanner claims that they split up briefly during their teenage years, but that they’ve been dating pretty much nonstop since they were kids.

“It was entirely my fault; I acknowledge that. I admit that I was being a jerk at the moment. She was well within her rights to end things [with me]. “This is what he had to say, he explained. Thankfully, they patched things up and are still together today.

Lizze’s Real Surname Is Broadway

You may be wondering if Broadway is a made-up name for the famous New York City theatre district. The IMDB page for Lizze reveals that her real name is Elizabeth Broadway.

Lizze Broadway Acts In Movies

The shared love of acting is something that connects Lizze and Tanner. According to her IMDB page, Lizze won the International Model and Talent competition and went on to appear in several commercials and television series.

According to her bio, “she looks forward to a bright future” after having “enjoyed working with entertainment icons” like Jerry Seinfeld, Betty White, Meg Ryan, and Michael Jackson Enterprises.

According to Deadline, she was also just cast in the Amazon spinoff of The Boys.

Tanner Constantly Gets Shipped With His Co-stars

Tanner’s on-screen relationships have been the subject of speculation before. As a matter of fact, it occurs in every single one of his jobs.

Fans assumed he was dating Peyton List, who also appeared on Cobra Kai, but they later found out they were only pals.

After starring in the 2021 film He’s All That together, he was rumored to be dating Addison Rae; however, the rumors turned out to be baseless.

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