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The Mystery of the Killer Book Club’s Twist Ending Solved: Who Did It?

Things take an unexpected turn when the friend group bands together to intimidate the lecturer. What seemed like a joke at the time turned out to be complicity in a murder. The professor is being terrorized when he trips over a railing and is impaled on a statue. The group chooses to keep the news to themselves, but as with every good slasher movie, that’s a bad idea.

The next day, an unknown online user shares a link to Angela’s novel. The stranger tells them what happened the night before with the professor and threatens them, claiming they will get revenge on the killers.

They are trying to figure out who the killer might be even as they flee from him. Having just finished the book with the same idea, they do find it strange that this should occur, so they take notes and use the novel as a guide.

Killer Book Club Ending Explained

Who is the real killer and clown?

As is customary in these types of films, the killer is revealed to be a family member or close friend, in this case Sebastian. Slasher convention dictates that the group assemble at a fortified location. After one of their pals, Virginia, disappears, they gather at the library to try and discover out who is responsible.

They’re both dressed like clowns, much like when they terrorized the professor. Because of how they feel about one another, the circle of friends quickly begins to question the loyalty of some of its members. Nando is the only person they have reason to suspect, so Angela avoids him at all costs.

The body of Nando’s friend Rai goes missing after he is slain outside the club where he works. Nando’s guilt is further inferred when the second hit occurs close to his place of employment. The buddies plot how to get the killer to open up to them. To choose who should be eliminated next, they conduct a poll online.

The killer is following their every move, so doing something like this would be a huge mistake. Despite her attempts to isolate herself, Angela eventually admits to Sebastian that she plagiarized Alicia’s story for her first work. She found success in life writing about herself. Angela’s mind is working overtime as she says this, and it finally occurs to her that Alicia might be the murderer.

The fact that the story culminates with them visiting a fair populated by clowns makes for some hysterical reading. And, of course, they end up scattering. Angela witnesses Sara’s murder when Koldo, dressed as a clown, has his neck sliced.

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Angela is making the most of her situation, but she can’t help but feel terrible about the deaths of her protectors. Therefore, she makes the initiative to solve the problem on her own. When Angela comes into Nando tied to a chair and Sebastian claiming he is the murderer, she is at a loss as to whom to trust.

Sebastian finally snaps and stabs Nando right in front of her. Then, in classic slasher fashion, he lays out his strategy. Apparently, he’d been helping Alicia out ever since she discovered that Angela had stolen her story. Sebastian devised this complicated scheme to exact revenge on Angela with the help of Alicia by having the two of them create their own bestseller.

Does Angela Survive?

Nando saves her life by pushing Sebastian over the railing so that he can be impaled by the same statue that saved her. Angela then proceeds to set up a trap in which she intends to burn Alicia to death.

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