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Woman and Teenage Girl Dead, 3 Children Injured in Suspicious Brooklyn Fire

Woman and Teenage Girl Dead, 3 Children Injured in Suspicious Brooklyn Fire

Woman and Teenage Girl Dead, 3 Children Injured in Suspicious Brooklyn Fire

According to investigators, someone may have set the terrible fire in East New York on Tuesday that claimed the lives of a woman and a teenage girl.

Three children, among the five kids who are in the hospital, have critical wounds, according to officials.

Suspicious activity has been found in the fire. There are currently very few specifics available.

Screams and sirens woke up Fountain Avenue neighbors on Tuesday early.

Vanessa Dudley Tucker, a neighbor, said: “I just saw a bunch of flashlights, and firefighters breaking out the glass.” “I just overheard screaming.”

Authorities reported that a woman was discovered dead at the spot. At the hospital, a teen girl was pronounced deceased. An adult man and three minors between the ages of 9 and 14 make up the other four injured people. Those children are in a life-or-death struggle.

Neighbor Rakib Hasan claimed, “I see the fire was all over the second floor.” “Someone opened the front door, and I also see the fire in the staircase,” said the witness.

Authorities said a firefighter also suffered minor wounds.

Investigators believe someone used a fire accelerant to start the fires, which is a worrying development for the locals as the grisly investigation progresses.

“I’m crying. One passenger stated, “That’s the end of that. I went back in last night when they told everyone to get back.

“That’s like my family, I love them to death, and this just blew my mind,” remarked neighbor Michael McMahon.

In order to prevent McMahon from saving the kids, first responders had to hold him back.

“They’re a fixture around here,” he remarked.

According to FDNY Deputy Assistant Chief Chuck Downey, firefighters arrived in two minutes but immediately ran into a problem.

Right here, a car was on a fire hydrant, Downey recalled.

At an afternoon press conference, FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh addressed that issue.

CBS New York confirms the news on their official Twitter account:

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According to Kavanagh, “We are definitely noticing more and more issues with cars parked in front of hydrants, and we want to remind people that that has real safety implications.”

As the awful events unfolded, neighbors struggled to understand them. They claimed the family is well known in the neighborhood and is related to the proprietors of the deli on the corner. The deli was where Lashanna Bray was late on Monday night.

“I was the last one in the store with him,” Bray remarked. We were discussing family and life when I remarked, “Get home safely.”

On Tuesday, the deli was still closed, which according to the neighbors is unusual.

“Except on Muslim holidays, it’s highly unusual for this store to be closed. The shop is always open, according to Tucker.

They are a cornerstone of the community, Bray added.

Officials suspect that the fire was possibly started on purpose, but there have been no new developments regarding who might have done it or why.

“No one has ever hurt them. Nobody ever said anything like, ‘blah, blah, blah,'” Bray remarked. They enter, and he begins to joke.

The FDNY added that it has been educating residents in the area about fire safety.

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