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A Baby Was Discovered Alive In The Amazon Forest 17 Days After A Plane Crashed

A Baby Was Discovered Alive In The Amazon Forest 17 Days After A Plane Crashed

A Baby Was Discovered Alive In The Amazon Forest 17 Days After A Plane Crashed

Four children, including a baby, were discovered alive in the Amazon forest more than two weeks after they had survived a plane accident that claimed the lives of their mother and two other passengers, Colombian leaders announced on Thursday.

President Gustavo Petro declared “joy for the country” on Wednesday, saying, “After arduous search efforts by our Military Forces, we have found alive the 4 children who had disappeared due to the plane crash.”

The May 1 disaster, which claimed the lives of three people, occurred on the border between Caquetá and Guaviare in the southern central part of the country, roughly 250 miles south of the capital city of Bogota, according to the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF).

It was announced by the organization on Wednesday that the four boys and girls had “been found alive and that they are also in good health,” and that their first focus right now is reconnecting the kids with their family.

The below tweet from USA Today confirms the news.

As of Thursday morning, neither the area where the children were found nor the names of the adults who perished had been disclosed by the authorities.

Hair ties, scissors, and a baby bottle were discovered on the forest floor of the jungle on Wednesday in a rural part of the municipality of Solano, according to photos posted by the Colombian army, which sent out more than 100 soldiers and search dogs to find the kids.

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Engine Failure

The pilot, another adult, and the mother of the children were k!lled when Avianline Charters Flight HK 280, which was carrying seven people between Araracuara in Amazonas province and San Jose del Guaviare, a city in Guaviare, apparently experienced an engine failure before going down.

Officials reported that the bodies of the adults and the plane, a Cessna 206, were discovered in a forest on Monday.

According to global news site DW News, the four kids, who are 11 months, 4, 9 and 13 years old, are thought to have entered the Amazon rainforest where they “survived on fruits and built shelters using sticks and branches that were discovered by the rescue personnel.”

The kids “were being transported by boat downriver and that they were all alive,” according to Avianline Charters, CBS News reported on Thursday.

Government representatives have not yet disclosed the identities of the deceased.

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