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Lisa Rinna Divorce: Why There Were Rumors Of Her Split Up With Harry?

Lisa Rinna Divorce: The Couple Was About To Part Ways!

Lisa Rinna Divorce: The Couple Was About To Part Ways!Lisa Rinna Divorce: The Couple Was About To Part Ways!

In the same year that his marriage to Nicolette ended, Harry first met Lisa. This was prior to Lisa’s breakthrough performance on “Days of Our Lives,” when, according to Screen Rant, she was still a struggling performer working at an eyewear store. After their romance developed, they got married in 1997. Despite managing to remain together, there has been a lot of drama throughout the years.

On an episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” in 2015, Kim Richards threatened to reveal a murky truth about Harry to Lisa live on television during a contentious confrontation. Kim ultimately didn’t follow through on that threat, but it got people talking about suspected Lisa and Harry behind-the-scenes strife. See what led the pair to almost call it quits by reading on.

Lisa Rinna Divorce: The Couple Was About To Part Ways!

Lisa Rinna had discussed joining “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast with producers prior to Season 5 of the show. Drama started to develop in her home as a result before the cameras even started to roll. Lisa had good reason to be concerned about Harry’s response to her joining the series.

On an episode of “Oprah’s Where Are They Now?” from 2015, she recounted telling him, “Okay, they’re interested in me doing this show,” according to ETonline.Harry wasn’t really excited about the notion. “‘Nope. I’ll get rid of you. If you do that, I’ll get a divorce,” he replied, according to Lisa.

The actor from “Mad Men” acknowledged that was his initial reaction. He recounted telling his wife, “I have my divorce lawyer on speed dial, and I do,” in a 2019 interview with the Daily Beast. ‘You can’t do this,’ I told Lisa. Everyone who performs on that show divorces. Doing that show is a dreadful, horrible thing.

Fortunately, sane judgment won out, Harry removed his finger from the “speed dial,” and he soon changed his mind. “I’ve had a change of heart.

Two days later, Lisa recalls her husband saying, “It might be helpful for you. Harry informed Bethenny Frankel of the possible “branding” opportunities “RHOBH” would present, which led to the modification. They stayed married, but problems still surfaced.Read on to learn Lisa’s reaction to her husband’s alleged infidelity.

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Lisa Rinna Slams Fan On Internet

A fan’s sexy claim that Harry Hamlin had slept with Lisa Rinna’s pal was made on Twitter, and Lisa Rinna took the time out of her busy schedule to respond. According to Screen Rant, they added, “My girlfriend f***ed Harry Hamlin in Muskoka for an entire summer in 2018 – you wanna talk about that @lisarinna?” Unfazed, the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” actress responded.

Yes, Rinna wrote, “and I watched it was hot as hell.” The reality star apparently had enough of the relationship trolls since she followed up that Twitter conversation with a humorous Instagram post. Harry was featured as “Sexiest Man Alive” on the cover of People in 1987, according to Lisa.

She used the hands-up, heart, and kisses emojis and wrote, “Appreciation post to my very busy Husband who apparently doesn’t live with us, is having a lot of affairs, and is gay.”

The pair has relied on communication to keep their marriage strong throughout the years. “We give each other ear. Really listen to each other,” Harry said in 2015, according to the Daily Beast. The difficulty with listening is that it is not a skill that humans possess naturally.

We listen, that’s what Lisa and I do, he continued. The couple has continued to keep their relationship tense but also communicating. Their daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin witnessed Lisa and Harry engaging in a naked hot tub swim while they were on vacation together in August.

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