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PMC-Sierra (PMCS) Sees Huge Opening Call Buyer


There was a large unusual buyer jumping into PMC-Sierra (PMCS) just now.  A buyer in the know snapped up 13,666 November $9 calls, an opening trade of 15 times usual option volume in PMCS.   PMC-Sierra (NASDAQ: PMCS), a semiconductor company,

Why The Big Calls Bought on Newfield Exploration Co. (NFX)


The big options trade so far this morning appears to be in Newfield Exploration Co. (NYSE: NFX).  NFX is seeing a lot of action by some large single entity with an opening buyer of 5000+ Jan $55 calls for 50

Interesting Early Options Trade on KB Home (KBH)


Some interesting early trading on KB Home (NYSE:KBH) this morning.  There was an unusual opening trade in the JUN $17.5 call options, snapped up at a price of $0.15. One trader made a big bet with the purchase of over 5,300

International Gaming Tech (IGT) Oct $18 Call Options On Fire


Another big options play this afternoon, this time someone in the know (aka an insider or friends and family) about International Gaming Technology (NYSE:IGT).  A “wiseguy” has bought 10,000 OCT $18 calls in IGT, for just 85 cents. Of course

The Southern Company (SO) Options Catch Fire


It appears the smart money knows something big is going on with The Southern Company (NYSE: SO) as large options buys by the “wiseguys” lit up the ticker tape today. Southern Compay saw strong wiseguy options activity in the Aug

Poverty Still Rising Because of Slow Economic Recovery

According to a study, since the recession began in 2007-2009 there are still almost ten million more people in the United States in poverty. The bad news is that the number is expected to go up because of the slow

Contra the Heard: Trickling Toward Greater Equality

With Hanukkah and Christmas swiftly approaching, I decided to trash some old economic principles while presenting one that if adopted, could dramatically improve the economy and people’s quality of life. To begin, I head back to my university days where

Contra The Heard: Building for the Long Run

Over the past few years, the portfolio managers and analysts here at Contra the Heard have had their hands full researching, reviewing, and placing our respective bets. Although we could complain, it’s true that we also enjoy the work as

(AMGN) Amgen $5B Share Buyback Announced Today

Amgen, Inc. shares (AMGN) got a nice boost this morning after the biotech company’s officials announced today that they plan to buy back up to $5 billion of Amgen stock. The California company announced it the Amgen share buyback will

Unemployment is Falling Across America

In seventy-five percent of the cities in the United States, unemployment numbers has fallen in September, 2011. From August to September, the unemployment rates have fallen in two hundred eighty large metro areas. Since April, 2011, that is the largest