All My Children AND One Life To Live Cancelled [Rejoice!]

Well, it seems the end of the world is near, and pigs may be flying in the sky near you.  Yes, my dream has finally been partially realized.  My dream?  That we could live in a world without never ending, stupidly written storylines with even worse acting.  Today we came a little closer to that dream, when ABC announced it is cancelling All My Children and One Life To Live.
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I’m sorry if I’ve offended the millions of insanely boring women in this great nation, who have wasted countless days, months, or even years, watching the drivel that is the Soap Opera.  Well, ok, maybe I’m not sorry.  But seriously, think of the free time you’ll have now!  Maybe you can now spend a little time with your children, your spouse, your significant other,  your dog even!  Yeah, that’s right go take your dog for a walk.  You’ll get off your (fat) lazy ass, you won’t be lying on the couch eating fattening foods, you’ll be burning calories walking, and your dog will love you even more.

Yes, I feel like a little weight has been lifted off my shoulders with this announced cancelling of All My Children and One Live to Live.  No longer will I be ignored by my significant other in the early afternoon, and no longer will I have to piss her off and tell her to get back to work.

If only we could have gone for the trifecta and cancelled General Hospital as well.  Ah, dare to dream America, dare to dream.

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Sep 30, 2009  The rest of the cast — and One Life to Live itself — will be cancelled. “One Life will be cancelled next year barring a ratings miracle,” 

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One Life to Live (OLTL) is an American soap opera which, since July 15, 1968, ….. (Passions was canceled by NBC in September 2007 and moved to the DirecTV 

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Sep 28, 2009  Nelson Branco is reporting that One Life to Live is likely to be canceled next year. In fact, Branco says an insider told him the show only 

ABC cancels 2 longtime soaps from daytime lineup
Forbes, on Thu, 14 Apr 2011 13:38:30 -0700

Frons went to the California set of “All My Children” to deliver the news on Thursday, where a video link was also set up to the New York set of “One Life to Live.” Both shows were created by Agnes Nixon, one of daytime TV’s most famous creative forces 

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Starzlife (blog), on Thu, 14 Apr 2011 13:37:24 -0700

ABC announced on Thursday that they will be dropping two iconic soap operas from their daytime line up, including ‘All My Children,’ and ‘One Life to Live.’ To put this in perspective for all you non-soap-watchers, ‘One Life to Live’ premiered in 1968