Victims’ Families Want Justice Following Tragic Shooting in South Loop!

A teenager’s family has spoken out following Saturday’s tragic shooting at a huge gathering of youngsters in Chicago’s South Loop.

About 200 teenagers had gathered in the 500 block of West Roosevelt Road shortly after 8 o’clock in the evening, when gunfire erupted near the intersection of West Roosevelt and Canal streets, according to the Chicago police.

A teen who took a bullet to the leg managed to pull through. Critically wounded was 17-year-old Jeremy Smith. He was rushed to the hospital but unfortunately passed away there.

Tragically, he was shot while participating in a Facebook meet-up at Roosevelt and Canal, according to his relatives. He was a senior in high school, according to his relatives, and he was set to graduate this spring.

When they received the news of the shooting, his parents claimed they assumed he was somewhere else. Hundreds of people showed up at the location for the gathering.

South Loop Shooting

Not only is his family demanding that the gunman be apprehended and put to justice, but they are also urging other parents to make sure their children’s stated destinations are accurate.

If only I could be there. “My son didn’t tell me everything,” Jeremy’s mother Rhonda Baker stated during the interview. Listen to your kids, please. Your kids will occasionally declare their intention to be somewhere certain… His stepfather Hashim Bailey warned him not to deceive people who care about him.

Jeremy was an honest man. There was no criminal case involving him. What happened to him was unjust. Criminal charges stemming from the gathering where the shooting occurred have been filed against at least nine teenagers, ranging in age from fourteen to eighteen.

One suspect was taken into custody following the incident. Since then, they have been let go without facing any accusations.

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