Primaries Are Won by Police Personnel Implicated in the Uvalde Shooting Reaction Failure!

Tuesday saw the victories of two law enforcement officials who were part of the ineffective police response to the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

Unofficial results obtained by the Texas Tribune indicate that Sheriff Ruben Nolasco and Uvalde County Constable Emmanuel Zamora, who were included in the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) damning report regarding law enforcement’s shortcomings during the shooting, triumphed handily in their reelection campaigns.

Despite the presence of three other GOP opponents, Nolasco emerged victorious with 39 percent of the vote. According to the publication, Zamora defeated Republican opponent Robert Moss with 64% of the vote.

The long-awaited report on the horrific elementary school massacre in May 2022, which left 19 children and two teachers dead inside the school while almost 400 law enforcement officers stood outside for over an hour, was finally issued by the DOJ.

The assessment concluded that the police failure was caused by a lack of urgency, planning, and communication. The report repeatedly criticized the responding cops, including Nolasco, for the shooting.

Uvalde Shooting

As the Texas Tribune pointed out, the investigation stated that he “did not assign an intelligence officer to gather intelligence on the subject, nor did he seek out or establish a command post, share the intelligence he learned from both relatives.”

The report also included Zamora’s name. According to the DOJ’s inquiry, there was a lack of urgency on the part of law enforcement and no commander from the responding police agency questioned the decision to wait outside the school.

Families at Robb Elementary School attended a debate in February to press Nolasco and Zamora for answers, but they failed to appear, according to a report from San Antonio’s News4.

The election results from Tuesday reveal a divide in the community. Families of the dead redoubled their demands that police officers be charged following the release of the DOJ investigation, citing needless fatalities caused by detaining parents who tried to access the school but refrained from going inside.

No law enforcement official has been charged with a crime. At least five cops have lost their jobs since the incident, including the on-site commander and two from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

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