A Shooting at a Mississippi Club Killed One Person and Injured Up to 12 More

One woman was killed and twelve others injured in a mass shooting that occurred at a club in West Point, Mississippi, on Sunday, according to officials from the state of Mississippi. According to Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott, who spoke with CNN, the incident took place inside Club Oasis early Sunday morning.

According to Scott, officers discovered the body of a 20-year-old woman upon their arrival. The injuries sustained by the other victims of gunshots vary from slight to severe, with one individual being wounded in the face.

All we can say for sure is that a party was advertised, and people from other counties flocked to ours,” Scott explained. “Guests traveled from other counties to attend the celebration.” According to Scott, the club had security, and the question of how the weapon got inside remains unanswered by police.

The sheriff informed CNN that one of the security guards had seen the suspect, who was reportedly armed with a rifle, fleeing over a four-lane highway and the parking lot before vanishing into the woods. According to Scott, “several hundred” individuals were most likely present in the club when the incident occurred.

Shooting at Mississippi Club

The figures are still being verified, and authorities are looking into the possibility of video evidence shot inside the club during the incident. Scott explained that the club’s owner had complained last night that the security cameras were malfunctioning, despite the fact that they were required by ordinance.

The investigation into the shooting is continuing, and no arrests have been made, according to Scott. It was a mad dash last night to gather good, solid information, Scott remarked. Given the amount of casualties and the state of disarray, it was an incredibly challenging situation.

The Gun Violence Archive reports that 66 mass shootings have occurred across the US thus far this year. Similar to CNN, the Gun Violence Archive states that a mass shooting occurs when four or more persons are shot (not including the perpetrator).

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