Tragic Shooting in Massachusetts Leaves Mother and 11-year-old Child Dead as Manhunt Continues for Suspect!

A lady and her 11-year-old daughter were fatally shot in a parked car in Worcester, Massachusetts, on Tuesday. In response, a manhunt has been initiated.

In response to a guns report, officers arrived at a property on Tuesday at 3:09 p.m. local time and found two ladies, later identified as Chasity Nuñez and Zella Nuñez, inside a parked vehicle, according to a news statement from the Worcester Police Department.

After sustaining serious gunshot wounds, the mother and daughter were transported to a neighboring hospital, where they were tragically pronounced dead. According to the department’s Facebook page, Worcester police named 27-year-old Dejan Belnavis as a suspect in the fatal shooting and on Wednesday they filed an arrest warrant for him.

Belnavis is wanted on charges connected to the mother and daughter’s murders and is “considered armed and dangerous”. Another individual, 28-year-old Karel Mangual, has been taken into custody by police on suspicion of unlawful gun possession and armed assault with the intent to murder. Because of an earlier arrest, he was already wanted.

In a Facebook message published after the tragedy, Superintendent Dr. Rachel Monárrez, Interim Police Chief Paul Saucier, City Manager Eric D. Batista, Mayor Joseph M. Petty, and themselves stated that they “stand alongside our community in sorrow and solidarity”.

Tragically, a woman and her daughter, both residents of Worcester, were killed today. Their lives were cut short and senselessly. We respectfully ask for your understanding and privacy as we grieve with the victims’ loved ones and the Worcester Public Schools at the death of a student. The message stated that our city does not condone such terrible crimes.

“Better is what the people of Worcester deserve.” “Worcester is a resilient community, and we know that our residents will lovingly embrace the victims’ family and friends as we work toward healing from this traumatic event.” Tyrae Sims, Chastity’s cousin, claims that she leaves behind a daughter who is two years old.

“I’m grateful beyond words that she wasn’t in the vehicle,” Sims expressed to NBC Boston. “It’s a horrible silver lining, I guess.” Zella was deemed “absolutely fantastic” by Sims. This little child is so sweet and full of life. It was completely undeserved.

The best mom she could possibly have been” was how he characterized his childhood buddy Chastity. He disclosed to the media that his wife had an unconditional love for the girls.

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