Pittsburgh Steeleers Star Hines Ward Detained In LA

Pittsburgh Steelers star wide receiver, and Dancing With The Stars contestant, is used to avoiding opponents and danger on the field. But early this morning Ward could not avoid the police.

Hines Ward was stopped by police, taken out of the car he was driving, at gunpoint, and handcuffed. The incident took place at around 1:30 am (shouldn’t he be resting at this time of night?) in North Hollywood, California. It seems the car Hines was driving had been reported as stolen on April 19. And who was the owner that reported it stolen way back on April 19th? That’s right; the woman sitting in the passenger side seat, at the time Ward was detained.
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The reason she reported her car stolen? She forgot where she parked it. Really? Unless you’re 91 years old, how do you forget where you parked your car??

This was determined to be a mixup and Hines Ward released, once the unnamed woman was able to prove to the police officers that she was indeed the rightful owner of the previously reported car.

This raises a few questions:

1. What kind of an idiot reports her car stolen when she forgets where she parked it?
2. What kind of an idiot fails to call the police back to cancel the stolen car report, after said idiot remembers where she parked her car and retrieves it.
3. How is it that the LA police took almost three weeks to track down the reportedly stolen car.

This incident has FAIL written all over it.

The only positive from this story is that Hines Ward handled the incident like the champ that he is, reportedly cooperating with police fully while they got the bottom of it. No word yet whether he has dumped the woman he was with for her amazingly high level of stupidity.

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Hines E. Ward, Jr. (born March 8, 1976) is an American football player who currently plays the wide receiver position for the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers, 


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