Should Guns be Allowed in College Classrooms?

This question can be a powder keg for discussion. Some die hard NRA members say that it would be okay while others think it is a horrible idea. Children are supposed to feel safe in school. They should not have to worry and wonder if their classmate is carrying a concealed weapon. They should not have to be afraid that someone in their school might get mad at something or someone, pull out their gun and open fire.

But the senators in Texas apparently were not thinking straight when they voted to allow the students that have a concealed handgun license to carry their weapons into a public college classroom. And they’re not about blank firing replica guns, they’re talking the real deal here! What were they thinking?

Monday, May 9th’s vote was a major push on an issue that has been stuck in the Senate and House. This is despite the overwhelming support from the lawmakers in the Legislature that is Republican dominated.

When Senator Jeff Wentworth was unable to get enough votes under Senate rules to pass this issue he took another route. When he could not get the issue to pass as its own bill he got the vote to tack the measure with a university spending bill.

According to the supporters, it a guns right issue and a self defense measure but the opponents are worry that being able to carry concealed handguns could lead to lots more suicide and campus violence. This measure is meeting with stiff resistance from higher education people, especially from the University of Texas system.

Republicans in Texas Senate approve guns on campus
BusinessWeek, on Wed, 11 May 2011 06:00:39 -0700

Rick Perry outlining worries from university officials that guns on campus will lead to more campus crime and suicides. Hearings on the measure were dominated by powerful testimony from supporters who had been raped or assaulted on college campuses, 


More High-Profile Bills Moving Forward at the State Capital
KGNB 1420 AM, on Wed, 11 May 2011 05:27:39 -0700

(Austin, TX) — Texans with concealed handgun licenses could soon be able to carry guns on college campuses and in college buildings. The Texas Senate passed legislation this week as an amendment to a public and higher education fiscal matters bill. 


TX Senate passes bill proposing carrying guns on public colleges
KXII-TV, on Tue, 10 May 2011 20:48:10 -0700

I spoke with some area school administrators and college students about what they think of the proposal that’s now one step closer to law. Student Meghan Pearson grew up around guns, but she’s not comfortable knowing that her classmates could be