These Gas Saving Tips Do Not Work

With the price of gas barely below the four dollar a gallon price, people are always looking for gas saving tips to help them increase the mileage they are getting per gallon of gas. There are many online sites loaded with gas saving tips, but do they really work or is it the work of someone who just wanted to write an article without checking to see if the tips did help on gas mileage. Here is a list of gas saving tips that do not work.
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1. Turning off the air conditioning in your car will not give you an increase in gas mileage. Using the air conditioning only takes a nominal amount of gas so you might as well turn up the air and be comfortable. If you opt to turn it off and roll down the windows, please note that doing this can add drag and lower your fuel efficiency.

2. It does not matter if it is warm or cold outside when you fill up your tank because it barely registers a temperature difference. The reason is that gas is stored in a cool underground tank.

3. It is true that under inflated tires can cost you a 3.75% decrease in fuel efficiency but if you over inflate the tires, it can be dangerous. For your safety and longevity of your tires make sure your tires are properly inflated but it will not help increase you gas mileage.

4. Adding additives is a waste of your money because there are no products on the market that works and will increase your gas mileage.

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