Sale Of Suicide Kits Outlawed In Oregon [VIDEO]

In Oregon the House of Representatives has voted and passed a bill to outlaw the sales of a do-it-yourself suicide kit, which contains an asphyxiation hood. This type of suicide kit was used last year by an Oregon man to kill himself. Oregon does have a state law that has been in effect since 1997 that made physician assisted suicide legal for individuals that are terminally ill in Oregon and by passing this bill it no way affects this state law. The only other state with a statue on the books is Washington.
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These asphyxiation hoods/do-it-yourself suicide kits are sold by an elderly ninety one year old California woman through a mail order business. What started trying to get this bill passed was a young twenty nine year old Oregon man who was a customer of hers bought one of her kits and committed suicide in December.

The person who is selling these kits for sixty dollars is a plastic hood that closes around the neck and tubing. The person who is committing suicide must supply the tank of inert gas, such as helium, in which to connect the tubing to. She says she is selling the product to help these people who have incurable illnesses die with dignity in their own homes but critics are saying that some of her customers may be not be terminally ill but emotionally ill because she sells these kits indiscriminately.

This bill now has to go to the state Senate and if they pass it, selling do-it-yourself suicide kits would be a felony and can give the person up to ten years in prison.

Seems to me this person is doing nothing wrong by selling these kits, and if she can make a living selling them, the government shouldn’t step in and wipe out her livelihood.  If someone wants to kill themselves, their going to find a way.  It’s not like this woman was forcing anyone to buy the kits?  What do you think?

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