Summer Solstice Happens Today At 1:16 pm ET

At 1:16 p.m. Eastern Standard Time the Summer Solstice will arrive at the Northern Hemisphere today, Tuesday June 21st. This marks the first day of summer although with the hot weather everyone has already been experiencing it seems as if summer has been here since May.

At the same time the Summer Solstice begins in the Northern Hemisphere, in the Southern Hemisphere winter officially begins. At this precise time the sun will hit the point where the sun is the farthest of the celestial equator, which would be directly overhead at a point on the Tropic of Cancer. This point is approximately halfway between central Cuba and Andros Island. The Tropic of Cancer is located in the Great Bahamas Bank.
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In all of the forty eight states, at no point can the sun appear directly overhead. At this particular point in time this is when daylight will be at its longest peak. In other words, there will be more daylight today. There will be an early sunrise and a later sunset.

The sun will remain about the horizon for the entire twenty four hours causing the effect that is known as the midnight sun. This will happen in northern Alaska, much of Greenland, the far northern part of Canada, and the northernmost part of Sweden, Finland, and Norway.

The word solstice means a staying of the sun’s motion over the latitudes of the earth so what the sun is basically doing is stopping its northward motion and starts to head south. When it is the Winter Solstice, it does just the opposite and heads north. So at 1:16 p.m. today it will begin its 6 month journey south.

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