Wearing High Heels Linked to Arthritis

Wearing high heels may make you feel and look sexy and make your legs look longer but they do come with a price. They can cause sore, achy feet, foot muscle cramps, hammertoes, bunions, corns, broken toes, sprained or broken ankles, ligament injuries, bad backs, and many other medical conditions. Now women can add arthritis to the long list. In fact, twenty five percent of women who wear these high heels are more than likely to develop arthritis at some time in their life.

Most people associate arthritis as a disease that happens when you get older but arthritis can occur at any age. What happens is that by wearing high heels for many years puts pressure not only on your feet and ankles but also on your knees. All this pressure can damage the cartilage and cause arthritis.

Make sure that you choose the right footwear, and if you must wear heels, keep them under three inches and try to choose shoes with chunky heels instead of stilettos or pencil heels. Lower heel shoes will help to minimize the stress that is placed on the feet and joints.

If you have to wear high heels to the office, keep a pair of ballet slippers in your desk drawer so during your breaks you can switch out your shoes and give your feet a break. Remember if arthritis runs in your family, you are more at risk to develop arthritis than someone who does not have it in the family.

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