A New Environmentally Friendly Package-less Grocery Store? [Video]

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Although there are television commercials, signs, and programs encouraging people to recycle and reuse, Americans are still throwing away approximately one point four billions pounds of waste each day, and at least forty percent of this waste comes from one time packages.

In Austin, Texas, Brothers Lane, LLC is hoping to solve, or at least put a dent in the waste problem. They are planning to open a grocery store if they meet their goal with fundraising in October called in.gredients that is going to sell one hundred percent package free products. This means when you shop at this grocery store you are going to have to bring your own containers. If a customer forgets they will be offering disposable bags.

The grocery store is planning on selling everything that a regular grocery store would sell but no junk food. They are planning on selling grains, spices, dairy products, seasonal produce, beer, wine, meat, and cleaning material. They are not saying exactly how they are going to display or offer these types of food, especially the beer and wine. Will they already be in their own bottles or will you have to bring your own? I guess you will just have to make a trip to Austin, Texas and check it out yourself if it does open.

This is a great concept but will the idea of a grocery store in which you bring your own containers be worth the extra effort? And offering disposable bags, does that not count as waste?

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A new store in Austin, on the other hand, is going entirely packaging-free. People bring their own packaging, or can buy some at the store. While most stores sell produce without packaging and some offer bulk grains and nuts in bins, in.gredients will 


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A similar concept opened last year in the UK, with Unpackaged offering a bulk food-only shopping experience, Good Food reports. Each day, Americans discard almost 570 million pounds of food packagingwhich ends up in landfills across the country. 


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By Nicole Davidsohn on Mon, 06/27/2011 – 6:09pm The self-serve bins have raged war on the grocery store and have taken over. All of the plastic packaging has been wiped out and compostable containers are stocking the shelves instead. 


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“We’re taking that middle section of the usual grocery store out. You know, the one with the [over]processed, unhealthy food. Instead we offer only the highest quality in.gredients…not the packagingnot the waste, and not the damage.