Applications That Can Eat Your Smart Phone Data Plan

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When you have a cell phone that has a monthly limit on just how much data you can use, there are some applications that use more data than you might realize and be part of the reason you run out of data before the month’s end.

The biggest data user is when you stream video conferencing and videos. You lose two megabytes of data when you stream one minutes of YouTube quality video. If you have a plan that only gives you two hundred megabytes a minutes this means if you watch five minutes of video you have done used all your data.

Streaming audio is probably the most serious user of data because people have the habit of listening to internet radio when they are doing things such as taking a walk or working on a project. Even though audio only uses about a fourth of the data that watching a video does, it will not take long to run out of data. With a two hundred megabyte plan this equals to about ten minutes.

Using the same sample two hundred megabyte plan you would get approximately ten photos. Maps use approximately one megabyte a minute and when it comes to web surfing, depending on whether there is a lot of graphics or not, you will use about half of the sample plan in a day if you just visit ten pages.

To be able to enjoy these and other applications without worrying about using all your monthly quota of data you should try to have a two gigabyte plan.

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