No Toxic Chemicals Found In River Downstream From Yellowstone Oil Leak

The water in the Yellowstone River that is downstream from the oil leak caused by the Exxon Mobil pipeline a week ago shows no sign of any toxic chemicals. There have been 5 people that have had to be treated at the hospital after exposure to the oil fumes. They were suffering from respiratory distress and dizziness.
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The pipe, which burst on the first of July, was twelve inches and was carrying oil to the Billings are refineries. There were approximately one thousand barrels of oil in the river. The EPA confirmed that no health risks exist in their report. The EPA collected the samples on the fourth of July along the one hundred sixty miles of the river at five different areas. They were checking the water for three hazardous chemicals that is associated with crude oil. These three chemicals are considered harmful at certain levels to the health of humans.

The contamination from the oil spill has been observed over two hundred forty miles of shorelines downstream from the site where the pipeline burst. The Yellowstone River was one of the United States most pristine rivers. The oil spill occurred one hundred fifty miles downstream from Yellowstone National Park.