Massive Arctic Iceberg Threatens Shipping, Oil Rigs, Off Canada [VIDEO]

The largest iceberg in fifty years has been spotted off the coast of Labrador, Canada. This huge ice island broke off eleven months ago from a glacier in Greenland and has been floating through the icy Artic waters. So far it has come one thousand eight hundred miles.

This massive iceberg, which was ninety seven square miles when it first formed, broke off the Petermann Glacier in Greenland. This particular glacier is one of only two large glaciers that remain in Greenland today and connects the ocean and the Great Greenland ice sheet. The iceberg that broke off is approximately the size of Manhattan times four. When it broke off it this iceberg caused the Petermann Glacier to loose about one fourth of its forty three mile floating ice shelf.

The ice island that broke off has been tracked on its journey by satellite and radio beacon by the Canadian Ice Service since it began its journey in August, 2010. On its journey it has been slowly melting and breaking apart and is now only covering approximately twenty four square miles and weight almost four billion tons.

Even though it is breaking up and melting, they are still worried about it posing a hazard to Newfoundland shipping lanes and the offshore oil platforms.