Warning: Playing Video Games Online Can Be Deadly

Recently, a twenty year old boy died from a pulmonary embolism, which is a blood clot, because he was sitting in the same position for many hours after playing a video game online. The type of blood clot that killed him will normally affect passengers on very long flights, which is why it is recommended that you move around on long flights. These deadly blood clots can occur if a person sits in the same position for several hours without getting up and moving around.

When children, teenagers, older adults, or anyone sits for hours glued to the game consoles or the computer are at risk for this same thing happening to them. This is why you should take regular breaks. Not only to rest your eyes, give your fingers and hands a chance to rest but to also get your blood flowing throughout your body.

People are already aware of the potential risks of a child become obese if all they do is sit in front of their computer or their game console for long periods of time but now there is another danger to be aware of. Make sure that if you or someone you know is playing computer or video games for hours without taking a break that you warn them of the danger.

Make sure that you whoever is playing computer or video games stop and actually move around after playing for a couple of hours. They should take at least a fifteen minute break and actually move around like jumping jacks, walking around or any type of physical exercise.