New Leads Surface in D. B. Cooper Mystery

D. B. Cooper is the famous hijacker that jumped from an airline with two hundred thousand dollars on ransom. He hijacked a Northwest Orient Airlines over Washington State, and then made the famous and legendary parachute escape. This mystery has been going on for forty years because they have never found a body or the ransom. This tip has come to the attention of the FBI from a law enforcement person who told investigators about a person who might have some information on the suspect.

This is a promising lead but they are not on the verge of solving the case. There were over a thousand leads that have been checked out by federal investigators since the man jumped out of the plane in 1971. The reason that they are calling this unknown man D. B. Cooper is that he gave his name as Dan Cooper. He claimed that he had a bomb so the flight crew landed the plane in Seattle. The passengers were exchanged for the ransom money and parachutes. The plane then took off for Mexico with just the flight crew and the suspect.

They have searched for the man and the ransom but have come up empty handed. None of the ransom has been spent either.