Famous People Who Have Just Disappeared

Throughout history there have been many famous people who have just disappeared and no one knows exactly what happened to them. Here are two of those famous people who have just disappeared and a little of their story.

  • Amelia Earhart—as everyone knows, she was the first woman to fly across both oceans and was attempting to circumnavigate the globe when she and her navigator disappeared in 1937. The last transmission from them that day stated that they were low on fuel and off course. They were heading to the tiny Howard Island in the South Pacific. Even thought an extensive search was done by the United States Navy no sign of her plane was ever found. Today history bluffs and adventurers continue to look for their remains and her plane.
  • Glen Miller—he played a trombone and was the Big Band king of that era along with his orchestra. When the war started he enlisted in the Army and was an officer at the age of thirty eight. In 1944 he took off from England in a single-engine plane to entertain troops in Paris. Some say he was captured and killed in a house of ill repute during a mission that was top secret and others say his plane was struck either by friendly fire or an incendiary bomb. To this day he is still listed as missing in action.