Medicare Prescription Premiums Will Not Rise In 2012

For senior citizens and disabled persons who receive Medicare do not have to worry about their monthly premium for prescription coverage to go up in 2012. In 2012 they are predicting that the average premium will be about $30.00 but some could even pay less than that if they decide to change their provider during open enrollment in the fall. The reason that it could be lower is the competition within the program and the use of generic medications. This is all delivered through a private insurance company.

Unfortunately since this $30.00 is an average estimate it does not mean that everyone will pay just $30.00 or see a possible decrease because some may see an increase so that is why during open enrollment they need to look at the different companies and choose one that suits their needs the best. There have been approximately nine hundred thousand Medicare beneficiaries who have high drug costs that have received a fifty percent discount on brand name medications this year.

This part of Medicare is called Part D and was started in 2006 to help the people on Medicare who had inadequate to no coverage for prescriptions. This drug program can help senior citizens and disabled persons receive their medication at a reduced cost, and some even receive their prescriptions for free if they use generic. For those that have over a thousand a month in prescriptions paying a small premium a month and receiving help with their prescription costs is a big help.