Old Diseases, Viruses Still Lurk in the United States, Could Make Comeback

Health experts said in the1990’s that in regards to infectious diseases the United States had won the battle because better sanitation and vaccinations. Unfortunately due to uneven vaccinations, climate changes, travelers, and many other factors, this has changed in the twenty first century. Some states are seeing the resurfacing of ex-diseases and even some rare diseases. Here are some of the states that are seeing this happening.

  • Arizona—there have been very few states that have been able to escaped the West Nile virus that entered the United States in 1999. In 2010, Arizona had over a hundred cases of a virulent form that caused nerve damage, seizures, and death. Arizona is a destination that retirees favor and people over the age of fifty are more at risk.
  • California—whooping cough is the ex-disease that has resurfaced and in 2010 there were almost nine thousand five hundred cases.. There have also been a large number of typhoid fever cases.
  • Florida—with the humidity and heat this state is a breeding ground for mosquitoes and diseases they carry like dengue fever and malaria. In the mid-1990’s insect control efforts help to stamp out both of the diseases but the dengue virus could be making a return.
  • Oklahoma—here people have to deal with ticks that carry the bacteria that cause Rocky Mountain spotted fever. It is not as well known as Lyme disease but it is the most lethal tick-borne disease in the United States.