Ohio Doctor Office In Fight Over Sharps Containers And Other Citations

Dr. Clem Kirkland and his Kirkland Family Practice is under fire form the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) over occupational safety violations in his office in West Carrollton, Ohio. The office is accused of 8 violations, including one for failure to make Sharps Containers easily accessible to employees.

A sharps container is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways for medical professionals to dispose of “Sharps” such as needles, glass slides, chemotherapy waste and other potentially dangerous medical waste. A Sharps Container greatly reduces the likelihood of employees getting injured and/or sick from needle pricks and other infectious materials.

The Kirkland Family Practice is fighting three citations that were issued by OHSA last month, all of which were deemed as serious and wilful. The OSHA Cincinnati office is working to resolve the issues with the Kirkland Family Practice, according to the OSHA Cincinnati spokesman.

Besides the office’s failure to make sharps containers readily available to personnel, the Practice is also accused of not making any medical tests or follow up available to an employee who was stuck by a needle in June, a rather dangerous and unprofessional act, in our opinion.

The Family Practice also failed to have employees sign a declination form when they declined a Hep B vaccination. One wonders why an employee would decline a Hep B vaccination, but that’s another story altogether.

Given the low cost and ease of procuring sharps containers, and the low cost of providing declination forms, it really is astounding that this Practice did not follow the OSHA guidelines. In the end their actions, or lack of responsible action, will cost them a lot more in the end.